General questions

What should I bring?

Your confirmation email showing your bar code (Digital version is perfect!)



Light sweater or jacket

Smile and an open heart!

What should I wear?

Casual attire is recommended. The auditorium is enclosed and air-conditioned. Because the temperatures may vary, we encourage layered clothing. Consider bringing a light sweater or jacket. Wearing comfortable shoes is also recommended.

When and how do I check in?

You’re only required to check-in once for the entire event. Your lanyard will serve as your ticket into the building throughout the conference, so you’ll want to keep it on while attending. Checkin begins the first day of Pink Impact on February 22. Arrival details will be emailed to the email address you gave during registration. Bar codes will be scanned at the Grand Lobby Entrance to the Southlake Campus. Please have your meal ticket confirmation available at this time too in order to receive all proper credentials. Will Call -If someone can’t find their confirmation email(s), they can visit the Info Desk and have Brushfire assist with locating the ticket(s).

When will I get my confirmation email showing my registration?

You should receive this within 24 hours of registering. If you do not get your email, please call the Brushfire customer service team at 800.569.7108 and have them resend it to your email address. We will need to scan your barcode upon checkin.

I can’t attend all of Pink Impact. Are there evening or day rates available?

Partial rates are not available. You’re encouraged to register and attend the portions of Pink Impact your schedule allows.

What if I need Spanish translation with my live ticket?

Spanish translation is available as needed! Visit the Information Desk in the Grand Lobby to receive the information you need after you check in.

Who do I call if I have questions?

For ticketing and seating questions, please call Brushfire customer service at 800.569.7108. 

For any other questions please email us at info@pinkimpact.com.

How do I receive a scholarship?

Please reach out to your Gateway campus women's team to inquire about scholarship opportunities.

DAL | womendal@gatewaypeople.com

FRS | womenfrs@gatewaypeople.com

GRP | womengrp@gatewaypeople.com

PLN | womenpln@gatewaypeople.com

JST | womenjst@gatewaypeople.com

NFW | womennfw@gatewaypeople.com

NRH | womennrh@gatewaypeople.com

PRP | womenprp@gatewaypeople.com

SLK | womenslk@gatewaypeople.com

Will children’s ministry be available?

Children’s ministry is not available.

Can I bring my infant?

Nursing mothers may bring infants. We have a nursing mother room available for use.

What airport should I fly into?

Southlake is a short, 15-minute drive from DFW airport. Dallas Love Field is a 35 minute drive.

Do I need to book a hotel room?

Booking a hotel room is completely up to you based on your travel needs. If you prefer to stay near the venue, we have a room block at The Southlake Hotel located at 2104 E State Hwy 114, Southlake, TX 76092. You may reserve a room HERE. Please note: This link works best on a computer. You may also call 877-424-6423 to book your reservation and reference group Pink Impact 2024.

Will there be any special seating for ladies in wheelchairs?

Handicap-accessible seats are located in the Auditorium. Call Brushfire at 800.569.7108 to reserve those seats.

Are group rates available?

There are no live group rates. If you are streaming our conference, you can read more about our Stream Options HERE.

How can I sit with my friends?

You may save up to three seats when you arrive at the conference as long as all those seated with you have registered within the same section. You will be asked to release these seats 15 minutes before the start of each session so that all seats can be filled. The event will be at capacity, so we advise arriving together when the doors open.

Are seats assigned?

No, seats are not assigned.

Are tickets refundable?

UPDATE: Yes! Live and Watch Party tickets are refundable if you are unable to attend this event! 

Church or Organization Online Experience tickets are non refundable 60 days from purchase.

When will registration open?

Registration is open!! Register HERE.

Online Experience

What is the best way for me to view my Online Experience?

You will have the option to watch the Pink Impact online experience on the Gateway Church TV app (using a SmartTV, Apple TV, Roku, FireStick) from your mobile device, or from a personal computer (desktop or laptop).

What is the deadline to sign up for the online experience ticket options?

Our Online Experience options will be available for purchase until September 30, 2024.

What technical support is available for my online experience?

During conference, please feel free to email info@pinkimpact.com. 

What do we do if the live stream stops working?

Our technical team does everything they can to ensure that our stream occurs without any interruptions; however, if problems occur, the on-demand version is available immediately following each session.

What if my group of 30+ does not need all the additional support?

Our Church or Organization Online Experience is the only option for groups of 30+ people. 

How does the Online Experience work?

You can read more about our Online Experience options HERE.

For our Watch Party viewers, once registered, you will receive your confirmation email. Prior to the conference, you will receive an email detailing how you access the streaming feed. That email will have important information on steps to follow to watch the conference. 

For our Church or Organization viewers, fill out our interest form listed on our Online Experience page HERE. We will email you a link to our Church Host Guide which details all that is included in your purchase and how you are able to host Pink Impact at your church or organization. 

What are the technical requirements for streaming?

For our Watch Party or Individual viewers, you may use our Gateway Church TV App (Smart TV, Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku). Our Individual Viewers may also use their personal device: computer, laptop, or iPad using the direct link emailed a couple weeks prior to the conference.

For our Church or Organization viewers, we know that most of you will be utilizing your church or organization’s production equipment. You will need a screen for the live video and an Internet connection speed of 15mb DOWN speed. This can be verified at www.speedtest.net.

Do you have recommendations to ensure internet connectivity?

Direct cable or fiber internet connection is best (ATT, Fios, Verizon, Spectrum, etc.) Mobile hotspots or satellite internet is not recommended. You will also get the best results if you use your Internet connection solely  for streaming the conference.

Do I have to have a group in order to purchase an Online Experience?

No. You can choose our Watch Party option and watch alone. With this ticket, you can watch at home, in the office, or on the road.

What if I have a group size under 30, but I want the additional promotional material and event support?

You are welcome to purchase a Church or Organization Online Experience, regardless of the size of your group, if you prefer the additional material provided.

Is there any additional material that comes with the purchase of my Watch Party Online Experience?

Pink Impact will not be providing media or graphics for this ticket option, but you are welcome to get as creative as you want for the ladies joining you!  

What if I am interested in hosting, but I am not the senior pastor?

We welcome inquiries from church members and leaders who may be interested on behalf of their pastors. Once you fill out the form on our streaming page, we will send you a link to our Church Host Guide. You may share this with your church leaders!

How can I bring Pink Impact to my home church or organization?

Pink Impact is available via our online experience to any church or organization across the world. To learn more about how your church or organization can host the conference visit our online experience page HERE. Fill out the form available under the Church or Organization Online Experience ticket to receive more information! 


What are the requirements to volunteer?

You must be 13 years or older and completed Growth Path. We are also asking for our volunteers to serve the entire conference this year, except for our facilities team. Facilities volunteers will serve [1] 4-hour shift. This is the only team open for those needing a part-time option. You can view more information on our volunteer registration page HERE

Can I volunteer and attend the Live Event in the main Auditorium?

There will be a Volunteer Watch Party available upstairs at our live event in our viewing rooms during conference. This is where volunteers can participate in Pink Impact in between their volunteer duties. Volunteers will not have seats in the Auditorium.

Can I volunteer?

You can register to volunteer for Pink Impact HERE